Kenny Schumacher

Actively seeking passivity.

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Past Projects

Here are past projects I've worked on. I'm convinced that the more projects I work on, the greater the odds that at least one of them will become successful, or teach me something valuable that I can use on the other projects.

Project Started Description What Happened
Rocket Wash 2013 Mobile car wash Inactive
Cravinga 2014 Yelp but for individual food dishes instead of restaurants Inactive
Yugioh Insider 2015 Paid blog for investment advice for Yugioh trading card game buying and selling Inactive
Foodies of Instagram 2016 Restaurants can pay to be featured on any of our 200+ Instagram accounts Instagram algorithms changed
PA Crunch 2016 Instagram growth service Sold for $300,000
Yugioh Rewards 2016 Earn Yugioh cards by completing surveys Inactive
Chinwag 2019 Widget to engage with your website visitors Inactive
Stick It 2019 Cute stickers for iOS Inactive
BookClub 2019 Short audio summaries of books Inactive
Delesign 2018 Flat rate graphic design subscription service Sold for $665,000